Sunday 27 May 2012

Natural Beekeeping Part I - Top Bars

This month, the weather was kinder to us and an impressive number of beekeepers assembled in the beautiful orchard apiary of Elvin and David Roberts. For the last four years the apiary has been run without using chemical pest and disease control and across a good variety of hive styles: National, Warre, as well as Top Bar. 

After getting kitted out, I initially observed Elvin demonstate the management of a Top Bar Hive:

Getting ready to observe and capture the demonstration.

New honey comb.

Demonstrating how new bars are primed.

Opening brood section.

Brood on new comb.

Capped hone and brood cells with grubs and jelly.

Sealing off brood cells.

Members inspecting frames.

Marking the queen.

Spotting wax moth cells.

Top Bar Hives in apiary.

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  1. A fantastic meeting and what a great job Elvin and David are doing. A lovely site and sight! Great photos too.