Friday 19 October 2012

Bees Abroad Update October 2012

Empowering Women through Environmentally Sustainable Beekeeping, Monze, Zambia
Project Manager: Roy Dyche

This project was launched in September 2011, its aim being to provide several women’s co-operatives in southern Zambia with a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of income from beekeeping. A year later, inSeptember 2012 I went out to Monze to evaluate what had been achieved during those first twelve months and to help launch a second phase. This report is based on data collected during my trip and on reports that our Zambian partners, the small local NGO Sustainable Rural Development Agency (SRDA), have emailed to me throughout the year.

Read the full report here!


  1. What a great job Roy is doing, I think it's all fantastic. Keep up the good work Roy. Bees4u will always donate to this charity

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