Thursday 16 May 2013

Newsletter May 2013

Dear Beekeeper

Over 50 of you turned up last month, a little chilly, but sheltered, and the hives were all opened, led by Patrick, Aniela, Elvin, Dick and David. The colonies are now still smallish, but building well, there is rapeseed on the road to Shepherdswell, if only the wind would drop.

No sign of queen cells yet, but my friend in Somerset had a swarm on the 7th May – lucky for some!

You should all now be on a weekly inspection regime, looking for:
queen rightness – eggs, normal brood pattern; some food reserves; adequate room – space to move and to store honey; swarm preparations – queen cups with larvae.

Thanks to Alan for taking the poly brood box home to plug the woodpecker hole.

Thanks also to all who wrote down their losses and needs, there is an alarming number of colonies to try and make up. If you were not there, please could you let me know if you are looking for swarms or nucs.


DDBKA is very fortunate to have enterprising members who stock all you will need for successful beekeeping. Buy local HERE!


Please look at for 2nd level courses at Sittingbourne. There is a Basic course on 6th July taught by Mary Hill, as well as skep making, wax, diseases, winter preparations etc.
Bob Smith particularly recommended the General Husbandry course, post Basic.

Open Day at Beech Grove, Nonington CT15 4HH. A beautiful setting, which always seems to get the sun!
Saturday June 15 from 14:00 to 17:00
Bring Your Family  - Join us for Summer activities - Good food and fellowship

Patrick’s next £5 course will be held at the Bee Barn, Bridge CT4 5HN on Sunday 26th May, 9:30 am till noon – “Available treatments and their use”. Book at
Full course list HERE!

FOR SALE items, check our NOTICEBOARD!– 

Arrangements for DDBKA beginners and hive inspections

This will take place at the DDBKA out apiary at Eythorne, CT15 4AD on 25th May.
Mary Hill will be at the apiary at 1pm looking forward to meeting beginners wanting hands on experience. We have suits to loan.
Beginners at 1pm - prompt. We will be inspecting hives with hands on practise.
Any beginners who have a smoker, bring it with fuel.

Then at 2.30pm there will be a session for those who have not assembled frames or who are not sure. Please bring a small hammer and Stanley/craft knife.

Plus your bee suit if you have one and wellies and Marigold gloves.

# Was it you who left some Michaelmas daisies behind at the last meeting?
I have them in a pot. Let me know!


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