Tuesday 24 June 2014

Newsletter June 2014

Dear Beekeeper

A lovely day at last for the May meeting, 60+ people & 3 new members! The WBC boxes & frames were grabbed quickly. 2 Bailey comb changes were done, plus a shook swarm.

The Chair reminded us of the dangers of anaphylactic shock, which she had witnessed.

Steve Boyce was very concerned that swarms were being collected in his area, which were being removed quickly, leaving lots of the bees behind, presumably to die.

The Eythorne bees still need to expand for the July nectar flow; thanks to Dougal for the addition of a swarm to our colonies.

Swarm collectors, if you are on the swarm collecting list, please carry on getting swarms if called, even if your hives are full, then contact me. I now have a list of beekeepers wanting bees, who can come to you and take swarms away; we are helping the public and each other.

Keep checking your colonies weekly, where are the swarms coming from? Some beekeepers are taken by surprise by a swarm – the signs are obvious if 7 day checks are done.


Mannetta & Clive Ferguson, owners of our out apiary site, are now agents for E H Thorne. Orders can be placed in their book at meetings and will be sent off on the next Tuesday.
Order also by phone: 01304 832000

Mary Hill (DDBKA Training secretary)

Beginners at June apiary meeting
This month the manipulations of the last meeting will be assessed, queens will be found and hopefully most of the colonies opened.
Beginners bring Marigold gloves and wellies. If you do not have a suit we have some you can borrow.
Beginners’ theory course
I am running a course of two linked Saturdays in October for beginners. The details and the application form are on our website.
Even more exam success
Congratulations to all those who took the Basic Exam. at the end of May, they all passed:
Pat Stockhall, Penny Rickards, Linda Wilkin, Richard Jones, David Moniz, John Saunders and Helen Sharp.
Are you ready to have a go next year?
See Mary Hill.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11, 12, 13 July 2014

Bob would appreciate the forms back by 20 June so that he can work out the rota
Bob Smith, 12 Dulverton Road, New Eltham, London SE9 3RH
Phone: 020 8300 1807 Mobile 07714213738 bsmith12@ntlworld.com

Sorry for the short notice, the FORM & SCHEDULE will be attached to this newsletter. Some super prizes. It is a good day out, meeting the public who usually know less than you about bees!

Bruderhof Open Day
June 21st, Beech Grove, Nonington CT15 4HH, come along for enjoyment, food & good fellowship. It is a lovely rural site and all are welcome.

I have heard from Bob Smith with reference to the KSRC courses at the Science Centre Sittingbourne. He is worried that the people booking courses have dropped in number and is doubtful if funding will be available for future years. It is a marvelous facility, with modern equipment. It would be a pity to let it go under. Look at www.ksrcbees.org.uk to see what’s coming next.

We have now revamped the library and bought lots of new books some of which are quite expensive. It has been decided that some books can only be borrowed if a refundable deposit is paid. They will have a red sticker on the cover. The system is that if you want to borrow a book with a red sticker, you must go to Philip (Treasurer) and give him £5 in exchange for a token which you then give to Tony Christian (Librarian) in exchange for the book and sign his record book so we know who the borrower is. On return of the book, you get your £5 back. Unmarked books are free as usual, just sign the book.
DDBKA Library has suffered losses and the new system is to stop this.
If you think you might like to borrow one of the new books make sure you have £5 with you!

Brian Marlow is now running the loans of DDBKA equipment, i.e. honey and wax extractors, observation hive, feeders, apideas, refractometer, nuc boxes etc…
81 Eythorne Road, Shepherdswell, 01304 831505

JARS Our Association has 1lb [454g] honey jars available to members, bargain price of £18 for 72 including lids. Contact Jill Rolfe 01304 830263 [evenings] Upton Wood Farm, Shepherdswell CT15 7LE

Len tells me sugar is available at Lidl for 69p per kg. Any advance?


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