Tuesday 25 November 2014

Newsletter November 2014

Dear Beekeeper

A few words from Chris Holdstock, DDBKA Show Secretary:

What a great show! The response this year gave a fantastic display of honey, frames, wax & mead. In fact we were just short of breaking records with 39 entrants & 191entries in total. Next year let’s do it! So a massive thank you to all who entered, special thanks to those from other Associations who joined us (and cleaned up on the silverware!). It's always a relief to see the hall full, as it was this year; it is a lovely venue, so thanks to David and Holly Stevenson and all at the Bruderhof Community for inviting us again and providing many helping hands to get things set up. The judges, Mary Hill, Doreen Clarke and Brian Marlow had their work cut out with so many entries but ably assisted by stewards Mannetta Ferguson, Pam Pearson, Mavis Carter, Paula Gardner & Roy Dyche finally finished after 3 hours of deliberation. As ever a wonderful lunch was provided for judges & stewards by Maggie Marlow and Mavis Carter with afternoon refreshments catered by Holly & the Community. A great team effort all round, thank you all very much. Here's to 2015!

The complete results for 2014 are HERE.

If you haven’t already signed up for the BIFA Day [Bee Improvement for All] on February 21st, do so asap, we will hold the cost of the day at £5 for DDBKA members till the end of January, so even more of a great offer. If you have paid more, refunds will follow.

The details and forms are on our website.


This is our next meeting, an opportunity to have a say in the affairs of DDBKA.


All the association offices will be up for election at the AGM. It is important that we broaden the pool of members willing to take on responsibilities, so please do not be shy about standing, your contribution is needed, a chance to voice your views about any aspects of DDBKA.

NB Only Registered members can hold offices.

Please check in advance whether your nominee is willing to stand.

Each nominee needs a proposer and seconder.

You are at liberty to nominate yourself if you wish to take a role, but still need a proposer and seconder. Associate members may nominate and vote. Please phone or email nominations to me before the AGM. I shall need to prepare ballot papers in the case of any contested elections.

Current Office Holders 
Remarks - All willing to stand again
Chair - Aniela Smith
Vice Chair - Dick Bunting
Secretary - Maggie Harrowell
Membership Secretary - Maggie Harrowell
Treasurer - Philip Nicholson 
Show Secretary - Chris Holdstock 
Examinations Secretary - Jackie Thomas 
Training Secretary -  Mary Hill 

Think about speakers and topics you might like to hear about, consider becoming a mentor/mentee or librarian, going on the swarm collector list or loaning a hive to start your beekeeping life in 2015.

NB This is not the meeting to pay 2015 subscription fees, that’s January!

Dick will be asking for your opinions on the motions to be put forward to the Annual Delegates meeting on January 10th. To look at the propositions in advance, all papers will be available from the Members Area of the BBKA website - www.bbka.org.uk.

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