Friday 11 September 2015

2015 Honey Show Schedule Is Out!!!

Remember, you can only win if you enter!!!

Hello All
Here is the 2015 Show schedule.
It is going out as an email attachment for the first time. We have so many members now that postage & printing were becoming onerous.
We have now entered the 21st century!


So, download it, read it, print it & enter as many categories as you like if you are a member or Associate of DDBKA or a member of another local BKA.
Pay special attention to the rules part & note that to enter you still have to send the entry form to Chris the Show Secretary plus a stamped addressed envelope for your stickers to attach to the entries.
Do all this by the 17th October - plenty of time.
Please have a go.

Honey for the confectionery classes does not have to be yours, you may not have any!


1 comment:

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