Tuesday 19 January 2016

Newsletter January 2016

Dear Beekeeper

Here’s hoping for a healthy & productive year for us & the bees. Notice the 2016 colour on the queen!


The weather has been extremely wet, but not particularly cold until very recently, so watch out for bees consuming their stores too fast, fondant can be useful here.Look out for a buildup of dead bees at the entrance too. Winter varroa treatment should be done when there is little or no brood.

A reminder that Api-Bioxal is now the only approved oxalic acid product to treat your bees against varroa mites. The simplest way to use it seems to be mixing the powder with water & trickling it as was done with previous products.

At Eythorne, the hives have just been treated with Hive Clean [12th January], but whatever you choose do it soon on a cold day [around 6C] when the bees are clustering. I waited for chilly weather, but don’t leave it too long; greater day length stimulates the queen to lay eggs.

Annual Delegates Meeting Dougal was our representative at this meeting, saw some personnel changes and was involved with debates which he will sum up briefly at the January meeting.


The schedule of DDBKA events for 2016 is attached, but open to change if needed.

I have received the SE Annual review from Julian Parker the SE Regional bee inspector, it is interesting reading, it is attached to this letter. He will not be our SE Inspector for much longer, Diane Steele will take over. The areas are being altered to make more geographical sense, we keep Michael Cooper as our seasonal inspector, Canterbury & Thanet BKAs don’t. It gives incidences of diseases; 0 AFB in Kent, 15 EFB; warnings of Asian Hornets & SH Beetles, and hopes that we are all registered with Beebase.

A new delivery, 3 pallets, came recently; the prices have now risen, but still good value:
1lb [454g] jars - £20 for 72; 12oz [340g] jars - £24 for 72; 8oz [227g] jars - £27 for 128 [all round jars, lids included]. NEW!! Gold screw lids for 1 lb jars are available separately at £1.50 for 12.
Contact Jill Rolfe 01304 830263 [evenings] Upton Wood Farm, Shepherdswell CT15 7L

SUGARWATCH! For those stocking up for spring/autumn feeding, Farm Foods have cane sugar at 39p per kg


Canterbury BKA have arranged a talk on Wednesday 2nd March on Bee Stings, Allergic Reactions and Desensitisation, to be given by Dr Alisdair Stewart, Consultant in Kent’s allergy centre (located at Medway Maritime Hospital). He seems to be the top man on this subject in Kent.
They are wondering about a wider audience than just CBKA members, but need to gauge interest before booking larger premises.
Please let Dougal know asap if you are interested in attending this useful informative lecture, via this email address: wdhendry@gmail.com

Basic exam. applications from Mary Hill Anyone who wishes to do the Basic Assessment and is not on my course should send their application form and fee to Jackie Thomas (Exam. Secretary jackieaucott@gmail.com ) by the end of February.

Hives for sale 
I have hive parts for three National hives comprising floor, brood box, 2 supers and roof. £50 each hive. They are well used but bee-proof. Buyer collects from Mary Hill mary.hill43@btinternet.com

All the best,


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