Thursday 9 November 2017

Newsletter October 2017

Dear Beekeeper
Your bee colonies should now be well fed & have decent stores to see them through the winter. The sunny weather has seen them flying & active, but nights can be chilly & they will be clustering. 

I will be reversing my brood + a half boxes soon to put the full super box underneath. This leaves the brood mainly at the top, well-placed for the January varroa treatment of Api-Bioxal [an approved varroacide].

Mouseguards can be put on entrances & woodpecker protection added around the hives. You can purchase wraps to protect the hives or try chicken wire around them.

News of Beginners’classes in the spring 2018
Rob Philpott will run the DDBKA beginners’ course in a new heated workshop that is now near completion at his home address right next to their apiary in Temple Ewell.
A copy of the application form and timetable is available HERE; the course covers 6 weekly evening sessions in February & March 2018, covering all aspects of bee society & management through the season.

Best wishes.


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