Tuesday 27 March 2018

Newsletter March 2018

Dear Beekeeper

Another well-attended meeting last month. Andy Willis explained very clearly how to turn wax scrapings, combs, meltings & cappings into beautiful candles & blocks. His processing was lengthy & detailed, but produced wonderful prize-winning results with spotless wax.

Lots of space needed & the patience of other kitchen users could be tested. We all need a honey house or well-appointed shed! He was delighted that the audience was so sizeable.

In the Apiary:
March is the most risky time for our colonies, they may have eaten their stores, and this winter has been long, cold & wet with some severe cold snaps. And it's not over yet!
So feed your colonies with 1:1 syrup [1 pound white sugar to 1 pint water approx; or 1kg to 1litre] for their immediate use & to boost the queen laying. Remember a large body of bees will be needed for the rape crop. Keep the feeder topped up until nectar comes in.

Sadly, I have lost a colony - my first winter loss for 5 years. So please look after yours which are alive.
Close up & clean out any losses, scrape & torch the boxes & melt the solid honey remaining; save any good brood combs for nucs.

This month’s meeting:  

Saturday 31st March at Alkham Village Hall CT15 7BU 2:30 p.m.
Our speaker is Stuart Andrews, a national speaker representing Bees Abroad.
He will share insights into the lives of African beekeepers.
For some families it can be a way out of rural poverty & provide a family income.
It can also be the source of employment for workers & apprentices in honey processing & making wax products.
Come & find out more!

Tea [£1] and raffle [£1] as usual.

I hope you will be able to come along.

Best wishes


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