Tuesday 4 December 2018

Newsletter November 2018

Dear Beekeeper

Thanks to all who entered & attended our Honey Show at Shepherdswell Village Hall last month. Chris has sent his appreciation & a list of the 2018 results which you can view here.
A good turnout and lots of visitors.

Winter comes soon; your hard-working bees should now be well-fed & tucked up in their hives with a mouseguard or low entrance at the front & protection from woodpeckers around the exposed woodwork [or polystyrene - it’s vulnerable too!].
Check every so often that your hives are safe from strong winds, animals, vandalism etc. They should be left alone till you decide on a varroa treatment in early January.

The year moves on & it’s time for the AGM...


All the association offices will be up for election at the AGM. It is important to broaden the pool of members willing to take on responsibilities, so please do not be shy about standing, your contribution is needed, a chance to voice your views about any aspects of DDBKA.
NB Only Registered members can be nominated & hold offices.
Please check in advance whether your nominee is willing to stand.
Each nominee needs a proposer and seconder.
You can nominate yourself if you wish to take a role, but still need a proposer and seconder. Associate members may nominate and vote.
Please phone or email nominations to me before the AGM. I shall need to prepare ballot papers in the case of any contested elections.

Most holders are willing to stand this time, but all posts will be elected.

As you see, we need a Chair. 
Dick has served us well for 3 years - many thanks to him for his input & innovation. He will be leaving the committee too. 
Think of a member who gives regular help to DDBKA, maybe with catering, demonstrating, mentoring, giving advice, helping at the apiary etc. Ask if they’d like to join the committee, get them nominated!

Current holder
Dick Bunting
Vice Chair
Paula Gardner
willing to stand again
Secretary & Membership Secretary
Maggie Harrowell
willing to stand again
Philip Nicholson
willing to stand again
Show Secretary
Chris Holdstock
willing to stand again
Examinations  Secretary
Jackie Thomas
willing to stand again
Training Secretary
Mary Hill
willing to stand again
Peter Crow
willing to stand again
Equipment Secretary
Eric Cattell
willing to stand again

Consider also if you might like to become a mentor to a beginner, loan a hive as a beginner, host a summer meeting, go on the 2018 swarm collectors list.

This month’s meeting – the last of the year – the AGM.
Saturday 24th November at 2:30 p.m. at Alkham Village Hall CT15 7BU

· Any outstanding library books to be returned please.

· Tea [£1] and raffle as usual.

Hope to see you there,
Best wishes.


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