Monday 23 November 2020

Newsletter November 2020

Dear beekeeper, 

I hope this finds you well. Our normal meeting is cancelled, but certain things must be done.

Winter comes soon; your hard-working bees should now be well-fed & tucked up in their hives with a mouseguard or low entrance at the front & protection from woodpeckers around the exposed woodwork [or polystyrene, it’s vulnerable too!]

Check every so often that your hives are safe from strong winds, animals, vandalism etc. They should be left alone till you decide whether to do a varroa treatment in early January. If the bees are clustering near the feed hole, they may need fondant.

Consider also if you might like to become a mentor to a beginner, loan a hive as a beginner, host a summer meeting, [be optimistic!] go on the 2021 swarm collectors list.

The year moves on & it’s time for the AGM.

This is your current committee, no-one has sent me any notification of wishing to join the committee, so we shall continue, unfortunately we have had no offers to share Jackie’s burden as Exam Secretary.


Current holder



Peter Crow

willing to stand again

Vice Chair

Paula Gardner

willing to stand again

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Maggie Harrowell

willing to stand again


Philip Nicholson

willing to stand again

Show Secretary

Sue Court

willing to stand again

Examinations & Training Secretary

Jackie Thomas

willing to stand again


Peter Crow

willing to stand again

Equipment Secretary

Eric Cattell

willing to stand again

As ever, best wishes & good health to you & yours,


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