Saturday 20 November 2021

Newsletter, October 2021

 Hello All

Hope you are warm & safe, autumn & winter approaching fast!

The Honey Show is the main item this month, the week following the National Show at Sandown Park.

As  well as the newsletter, I have attached a timely prompt from Mary Hill  [judge] as to what honey judges are looking for when faced with rows of  similar looking jars. Surprisingly, the aroma comes last!

Also a firm note from Dick Bunting about hive ventilation in winter.

A churchwarden from St Nicholas Church in Barfrestone has a bee problem which I hope someone can solve. 

Bees  are not in the church, but behind a rain spout/guttering. It is 25 feet  up & she'd love an intrepid person to collect them before they move  in to the building.

Is that you [plus ladder?] Contact Jenny Hunt please.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th,

Best regards,


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