Tuesday 29 November 2011

From the archives.....

C.F. Gee,Sept 1932,Taneatua

Behold, here is the very picture of beekeeping success: Charles Frederick Gee, who won the Hamlin Cup at the National Honey Show in 1932. Though he emigrated to New Zealand, where this picture was taken, he originated from Dover, as his DDBKA exam certificate from 1916 proves!

To this day, the Hamlin cup is one of the most sought after and prestigious awards.  There were 243 classes in this year’s National Honey Show and the Hamlin Cup goes to the winner of class 1 - twenty four jars of honey which may consist of one, two, three or four kinds. It is a very difficult thing to do well.
In the year prior to C.F. Gee, the recipient of the cup was R O B Manley, a highly important early 20th century beekeeper.

Hopefully this will inspire you all and someone will take up the challenge and bring home the cup to the DDBKA once again in the near future.

This story comes to us courtesy of Bob Maurer's correspondence with C.F. Gee's granddaughter Ana, who still resides in New Zealand and the kind help of  top honey judge Mike Duffin, who searched his archives for confirmations.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Newsletter November 2011

Dear Beekeeper 

What a good show we had, Chris did a great job.

Well done to Roy Dyche for best in show award for his honey. Mavis and Maggie wanted to thank Kate and Mannetta who did some serious washing up through the afternoon. It was good to see so many new members having success.

Exam success
At the Show, 5 members had Basic Examination certificates [and badge]: Aniela Smith, Mannetta Leigh, Chris Evans, Chris Nicol, and David Roberts. They were well instructed by Mary Hill.

There are some great photos on the website as well as the full results with Chris’ report. 

Your hives should be secured for winter, weighted down with bricks, protected from woodpeckers, mouseguards on. But my bees don’t seem to realise it’s November and have been out in this mild weather on late fuchsias, I am worried that they are consuming their carefully counted stores.

Please note the change of date for the next meeting

The Microscopy Day is taking place on November 26th as planned, but Bob Smith can instruct only 12 participants at a time.
We now have 12 confirmed people and Patrick is to provide the necessary support.
Thank you!
So the normal meeting will be the following Saturday.

The SE Honey survey is on the website if yours is lost. Please return by email to Alan or post paper copies directly to him. The survey gives an overview of colony productivity and we get the results in January. It is interesting, so please respond, you all know by now the harvest you had.

Beecraft magazine is now on Facebook; if you have a Facebook account enter “Beecraft Magazine” in the search box.  

The Bruderhof community at Beech Grove, Nonington, CT15 4HH, will be holding Carol singing evenings [plus their famous dinners!] to which all are most welcome.
December 3rd, 10th and 17th at 6:20.              
If that wasn’t enough lovely music, you could sing Handel’s Messiah there at 11am on December 4th.
Details HERE

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Patrick, our Thorne Agent has some end of season bargains to sell HERE!!!


Thursday 3 November 2011

Honey Show

Here are some snapshots of the Honey Show 2011 and a full report can be downloaded from our DOWNLOAD PAGES.
Selling Honey from the DDBKA hives.

The Raffle

The prizes

 Chair [Brian Marlow] & Show Secretary [Chris Holdstock ]

Mannetta Leigh receiving BBKA Basic Beekeeping award

Aniela Smith receiving BBKA Basic Beekeeping award

Roy Dyche receiving Dale Award

 Patrick Murfet receiving Novice award & Harry's Cup 

Roy Dyche receiving Challenge Cup

Don Overal receiving Victory Cup

Roy Dyche receiving Blue Ribbon Award