Thursday 18 September 2014

Newsletter September 2014

Dear Beekeeper

Many thanks to David & Jeff and the refreshment ladies at Beech Grove last month. The apiary was looking splendid as usual. Jeff was discussing the Miller method of Queen rearing; if you take Beecraft magazine, this was featured in April 2008.

If anyone left a bag of netting fabric from C&H Fabrics behind, call the reception 01304 842980.

They are having an Open Day on October 4th, from 2 to 5, all welcome, as ever. Details HERE.

The lovely warm autumn is helping our bees collect stores for longer, plus what we have been feeding them. The ivy crop is abundant this year, a honeybee favourite for pollen & nectar. The aim is to have the colony with sufficient food to survive winter, 35-40lbs. Use a solution of 2 pounds of white sugar to 1 pint of water (1kg/650ml), feeding should be completed by the end of September.

If you are running brood + a half, put the half brood box under the brood in mid October. The bees will gradually carry the stores up and you will have an empty box to use for your first super in the spring. The brood will be at the top, well-placed for any oxalic acid treatment in January.

It will be interesting to see how much stores the apiary hives have accumulated, they were very light at the end of July.

Farmfoods [near Morrisons, Dover] 1kg granulated sugar = 59p, Iceland £3.30 per 5kg bag = 66p kg

Diary Dates HERE

News of KSRC Sittingbourne. Sadly this centre is to close for beekeeping courses this autumn, it is an expensive venue.

STOP PRESS – Small Hive Beetle

Small hive beetle was found in SW Italy on Sept 11th.

Do NOT import Italian queens or bees.

Message from Beecraft magazine:

Don't forget to get some photographs to enter into the BeeCraft photo competition. We are looking for 12 outstanding bee-related photos to use as the front covers of our magazine for next year, hopefully reflecting each month. The closing date is fast approaching (1st October) and the rules can be found at

Also, if you or your Association is contemplating becoming involved with microscopy, we are now taking orders for the Microbox - in association with Brunel Microscopes - which will be available for collection at the National Honey Show. This special costs £98 and must be pre-ordered by 24th October. Further information can be found at the link below where you can also place your order

The schedules for our Honey Show will have all been received in time for the meeting, give Chris your entry forms, including s.a.e. then, save a stamp! He will have posters to go up in your local area. Remember, it does not need to be your own honey to enter the confectionery classes; you may not have any yet! Have a go at something, surprise yourself……..