Monday 18 August 2014

Newsletter August 2014

Dear Beekeeper,

We had a couple of prospective members at the last meeting, I hope they felt welcome. We now have 100 members registered with BBKA.

Thanks to the members who counted the varroa mite drop [low] & the stores [also low] at the previous meeting at the out-apiary. Varroa control treatment has started there.

I hope you have decided on a treatment regime for your hives. Any remaining honey should be off by now and feeding started if your colonies are low on stores, this can be done while treating if using Apiguard or Apilife Var. The aim is to have the colony with sufficient food to survive winter, 35-40lbs. Mix up a solution of 2 pounds white sugar to 1 pint of water, feed till they won’t take more. Feeding should be completed by the end of September.

Farmfoods [near Morrisons, Dover] 1kg white granulated sugar for 59p, Poundstretchers & Lidl 69p

Diary Dates
in usual place on the NOTICEBOARD

Brian Marlow runs the loans of DDBKA equipment, i.e. honey and wax extractors, observation hive, feeders, apideas, refractometer, nuc boxes etc… 01304 831505
The demand for the small extractor has been great so a new one is on order.

This month EFB has been diagnosed by Michael Cooper in a colony at Bladbean [grid reference TR173467] which is near members at Stelling Minnis, Elham & Denton. A 6 week standstill order is in place, the shook swarm has been done, combs burnt. But it means that all of us should be vigilant in checking the health of our bees.
Remember EFB is seen before the brood is capped; the brood is discoloured, twisted etc.

Improve your beekeeping over the winter
There are several chances to do this with the Association.
I am running a two day course for beginners in October. I will have the application forms at the next meeting or you can find them on our website.
For those who have kept bees for two summers and the winter in between, why not study for the BBKA Basic Assessment.
I will be running a six week course in February or you can study by yourself. The application form for the course can be downloaded HERE and I will have the forms at the meeting. No writing with this exam.
For those who have the Basic, there are a few places left in the study group for Module 1.
Last winter six members met in one another’s houses every two weeks to study the syllabus together each taking a turn at leading the group. The modules are written exams. Have a chat to me at the meeting.
November module exams.
Anyone wanting to take one of the modules in November please let Jackie Thomas DDBKA Exam Secretary have your application form by the 10th of September. Exam entry forms will be available at the next meeting; or it can be downloaded from BBKA web site. Entry fee is £20 (non-refundable).

Mary Hill, DDBKA Training Secretary

Last Minute Queens
The out apiary has had problems this year with queens being poorly mated etc so here is a timely offer from Jean Mozley: “If anyone wants a queen for re-queening I can bring it along to the 30th meeting at a discount price of £30. Please email me on if you want one”.
Jean is always good value to DDBKA.