Friday 1 September 2023

Newsletter, September 2023

 Newsletter September 2023

Dear beekeeper,

We had an amazing meeting last month at Kingsdown, so busy & focused that we didn’t have time to look at Terry’s bees! It was a real get together of information, plans, maps, evidence, sharing knowledge & ideas about our current foe the Asian Hornet. The map of trap locations has been constantly updated as more are placed in blank areas, thanks are due to Jackie’s husband, pedalling all over to encourage unincluded areas to keep alert. So, look when walking past heavy crops of ivy, very attractive to our bees & hornets too!        You may have been phoned to keep you up with progress, still more sightings are being registered, Dover castle, River, Great Mongeham, near Duke of York’s school, allotments in Deal & Folkestone. 

See this article in the Times re a recent nest in Hythe:  

Lisa our SBI says: ‘This month is crucial as it’s when the Asian hornet queens will be developed, every trap we catch now is even more important than before and whilst we have a 100% success rate in finding nests from confirmed sightings, it’s the sightings that are the vital part as without them, we don’t know the hornets are out there.
I can’t thank you all enough for everything you are doing

  FOR SALE                                                                                                                                                                   Ray Checksfield from Eastry has decided to stop beekeeping after many successful years, so has much to dispose of & is hoping you may be interested!  

He has 8 Langstroth hives on brood and half, including bees, for £150 - £200 each. Plus, each one comes with 50mm insulation which slides over the hive.                                                                         

Also, a 9- frame electric extractor, 5 x 5 frame nuc boxes, 2 settling tanks. Buckets feeders, tools etc.  Ray welcomes enquiries & viewing, hopes to sell all by the new year.                                                 

Call 01304 612389 or 07807 660233                                   


                                                         HONEY JARS For MEMBERS

Now at Unit 13, AB Crush panel beaters, opposite the Shepherdswell turning on the A2 to Five Oaks, Geddinge.         CT4 6RY.        The procedure remains the same: order to me, payment to Philip, collection on a Friday from 11 to 12, it is a really busy site with vehicles, deliveries etc. 

PRICES: 1lb jars, including lids, in boxes of 72 £30    

8oz round jars & lids are £45 for 128

We now have lids again, £2 for a dozen.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Philip has ordered a pallet of Ambrosia bee feed syrup which many of you have used in the past. It has arrived at AB Crush, buy using the same routine as the jars. Each 12.5 kg plastic container will cost £21.

September brings the East Kent Ploughing Match, this year to be held at Hardres Court Farm, Upper Hardres, Canterbury CT4 6EN on Wednesday 27th September                         

We are following the   established custom of a stall shared with other local BKAs: Thanet, Canterbury, Whitstable & Herne Bay. 

So come along with your honey to sell, correctly labelled as for sale, or come to meet the public & help on the stall, people are always fascinated by bees!      

N.B. Access to the site will have to be via Stone Street as there is a leak to be fixed, but signage should be in place.

Thinking of honey, please put aside a few of your best jars to enter into our Honey Show on October 21st at Shepherdswell.   

Remember to carefully read the instructions for entry in the schedule I am sending, it has been put together by Sue Court, despite her illness from covid which she has found hard to shake off.

BBKA want to share some of the features of their recent Asian Hornet week, particularly the Q&A sessions. For those members who were unable to view the talks or for those who want to watch them again here are the links:  

Asian Hornet Week 2023 - Andrew Durham's Special Briefings for Beekeepers

Part one: 

Part two:

In part two, Andrew mentions the following link:

This month’s meeting: Saturday 30th September 2:30 pm

At the DDBKA Eythorne apiary at Eythorne Court   CT15 4AD. 

It is along Shepherdswell Road, near Eythorne travelling towards Shepherdswell, on the left, near a black wooden building. We park in the next field; you will see cars and a gate to enter. If you are a new member or visitor, please make yourself known, we get busy!

Please remember your beesuit.

We shall have a register for you to sign please. Signing will confirm that you have read the Health & Safety policy.      

Please pay regard to safety considerations.

There will be hives to inspect, looking at the amount of stores accumulated by colonies, a brood frame full of honey will weigh approx. 5 pounds, a similar super frame will weigh 3 pounds, so the bees’ stores for winter can be estimated.               

A lot of nectar has been brought in from ivy blossom in this warm weather. You should be hoping for 35 pounds plus per colony, & also checking the varroa drop on your inserts after starting the varroa treatment during this month.                  

So, carry on feeding if needed, stronger syrup, 2-1 strength, will be best now as the weather becomes autumnal.

·         Tea [£2] & raffle as usual      Bring your own mugs!!!

·         Terry & I will be at Pencester Gardens, Dover Urban Fair, on September 23rd with a bee stall, 10 till 4 – hoping it doesn’t pour like last year…come along & say hello.

Looking forward to our last outdoor club meeting of this year, see you there!