Sunday 1 October 2023

Newsletter, October 2023


Newsletter October 2023

Dear beekeeper,

The last outdoor meeting passed well, over 30 members, many with tales of hornet encounters they had experienced & descriptions of the efficient speedy work done by the NBU inspectors when called to a sighting.            Asian Hornets have been recently found on Richard Baker’s land in Stelling Minnis. Richard reports the hornets seem keen on grapes, so that’s another place to check on if there’s a vineyard near you. The NBU team hope to track & discover their nest in the next couple of days.

Thinking of vineyards, Turlingham Vineyard near Hawkinge are offering space for a beekeeper plus hives on their land. There is water nearby, with a meadow and woodland, contact me for details.

It was great to see so many Dover visitors to the bee stand at the East Kent Ploughing Match at the end of September, even though it was not very easy to get there! Roadworks & huge queues.

Lisa, our Bee Inspector was there, spreading the word re hornets to visitors & stallholders along with members from Canterbury, Thanet & Whitstable. The gazebo/tent that Thanet provided was really impressive. I doubt there was anyone who attended who wasn’t better informed about AH by the time they went home.

I hope you all read Jackie’s feature in BBKA News & also Beecraft. We are truly in the vanguard of this pest invasion! Jackie & her husband Allyn have given up many hours in spreading information to outlying areas, with traps & attractant potions.


DDBKA Honey Show, October 21st 2:30pm

Sue, our Show Secretary, has asked me to remind you that the time for your entries is drawing closer & we really need to fill the hall with a fine display of honey & hive products to show the great variety of bee-related items that can be made & used.

Email your entry forms to Sue,  or call 07979 253242. She will post your id labels to you for you to attach before bringing items along on the morning of the21st.

Competition is very friendly, it is good fun to see what your friends have been up to, lots of laughs, tales of woe & comparisons, but please read the rules………& have a go

 Judges often give tips on improving your honey, even if you know it’s already perfect!                                                          

BBKA have paid £15,000 as part of a campaign to put posters on the back of buses to warn people about Asian Hornets. They want to know if anyone has noticed – I was really pleased that 4 people at our meeting had seen them locally. I have informed BBKA, but if you see one, let me know please.


                                                         HONEY JARS For MEMBERS

Now at Unit 13, AB Crush panel beaters, opposite the Shepherdswell turning on the A2 to Five Oaks, Geddinge.         CT4 6RY.        The procedure remains the same: order to me, payment to Philip, collection on a Friday from 11 to 12, it is a really busy site with vehicles, deliveries etc. 

PRICES: 1lb jars, including lids, in boxes of 72 £30    

8oz round jars & lids are £45 for 128 

We now have lids again, £2 for a dozen. 

Also, Ambrosia bee feed syrup which many of you have used in the past. Buy using the same routine as the jars. Each 12.5 kg plastic container costs £21.

This month’s meeting, Saturday October 21st

2:30 pm at Shepherdswell Village Hall CT15 7NN      DDBKA Honey Show

All entries to be in the Hall by 9:15a.m.

  • ·        Please bring a cake to sell in the afternoon as we shall be providing tea & cake for club funds.    Please list the ingredients.
  • ·        Servers needed please. To pour teas, plate cakes, receive money
  • ·        Bring along some of your honey/candles to sell, for your funds!
  • ·        Bring a raffle prize if possible.
  • ·        Bring family & friends, Jackie will have a bee information display to learn from, including the latest regarding the spread & incidences of Asian Hornets, all clear to see on the local map she has made.
  • ·        Candle rolling
  • ·        Honey tasting
  • ·        Free flower seeds to encourage pollinators
  • ·        Beeswax products  


I am very much looking forward to seeing you & your entries,


Thank you,