Wednesday 15 February 2012

Newsletter February 2012

Dear Beekeeper
 We have been in the grip of a cold spell for 2 weeks with the temperature around freezing by day and below at night. There is little that can be done with bees apart from checking for damage by wind or pests and ensuring the entrances are not blocked with corpses. Look for pollen going in if it ever warms up. Bees can easily starve now, even though they may have food near the cluster. Keep an eye on your colonies and if they feel light, feed with syrup once the bees become active. Check and clean your equipment.

Last month’s AGM was well attended, with 7 new members registering with us and the BBKA.
The Committee was re-elected and the new post of Training Secretary approved.
Welcome Mary!

A small amendment was made to DDBKA's constitution, namely to establish a third category of membership: Honorary - to be conferred by the Association upon any deserving person not, or no longer, owning hives or practising beekeeping under the auspices of DDBKA or any other beekeepers' association, considered to have provided worthy service to the Association.
Honorary members have voting rights but are ineligible for election to office.
Honorary membership is free of any membership fee.  
Accordingly, our first Honorary member is Mavis Carter.
Office    2012
Current holder
Brian Marlow
Vice Chair
Richard Baker
Maggie Harrowell
Membership Secretary
Maggie Harrowell
Len Mole
Show Secretary
Chris Holdstock
Examinations  Secretary
Jan Cross
Training Secretary
Mary Hill
Tony Christian has bravely taken on the job of Association Librarian.
PLEASE make his work easier by returning the books you borrow. There are several outstanding for a couple of years.
We know who you are!

Our membership runs from end of January to the following January.
Len needs to hear from you by post or at the next meeting if you have not yet paid. Your copy of BBKA News and more importantly the Public Liability and disease insurances that go with membership will cease.
Many thanks to the large number who have paid promptly!
* If you pay by bank transfer, let Len know you have done this. He will still need the form, by email to him or printed.

 I hope you saw the feature in February’s BBKA News written by Angie, one of our members, about beeswax related cosmetics.
She is a busy lady as well as a beekeeper, running many successful enterprises.
Congratulations to her!
It’s a shame they didn’t print which Association she belongs to.

A full 2012 DDBKA Meeting schedule can be viewed and downloaded from downloads page.