Friday 29 June 2012

Launch of the Women’s Beekeeping Project, Hoima, Uganda by Roy Dyche

Dear fellow members,
I went out to Uganda last month to launch the project for which so many of you donated gloves and Harry Kendall cleverly gave me half-a-dozen reading spectacles. The ladies were extremely grateful. I thought you might like to see the report on my trip which has just been posted on the Bees Abroad website.
Many thanks for your support.
Best wishes


Find out HERE how Roy got on in Uganda!

Sunday 17 June 2012

Newsletter June 2012

Thanks to Elvin & David for hosting last month's meeting in their apiary; they had put a lot of thought into what we could see and the variety of hives on show, much food for thought for everyone.

More information about their enterprises on

Still cool, wet and windy, but the bees took advantage of the warmth at the end of May and there were swarms galore. There seem to have been problems with the subsequent mating of the virgin queens, taking much longer than usual, waiting and hoping for a pleasant day.

All the oil seed rape honey should be off the hives now, leave it too long and it granulates in the combs, impossible to spin out. The apiary hives have done well in parts, 2 hives yielding over 40 pounds each, the rest, middling.
The 2 club extractors have been busy. Please can the solar wax extractor be returned.

Please let me know if you are still looking for a swarm or bees.
Most people have been sorted out, but shout if you need bees, my phone is still ringing!

All Registered members with BBKA should have received their new membership card with June BBKA News


Patrick Murfet and a dedicated team marked drones and workers in 3 colours on June 2nd to see the extent of drifting. Those bees certainly get about!

Patrick will give us all the findings after 23rd June, but there is a lot going on between hives that we don’t notice.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue Clough, Martin Edwards, Polly Fowle, Sue Kittle and Christine Mendoza who have all passed their Basic examination in beekeeping. 

Many thanks to Mary, for her rigorous teaching. 

KRSC courses for beekeepers of 2-3 years experience

The July courses at KSRC at Sittingbourne can be booked now; an extra FREE session on Nosema diagnosis on 24th June, 10 till 3. Bring samples. Although there is no charge, please register on the website - use "Manual Payment", PayPal does not like £ 0 transactions!

The last currently scheduled courses, Brood Disease Diagnosis, will take place on 7th July, run by our Bee Inspectors Alan Byham and Michael Cooper. Then on Saturday 28th July, Kit Erhardt will be tackling how to prepare colonies so that they go into winter. Both sessions £10.

Bob Smith would also welcome suggestions for further 2nd level courses. 

New arrangements for beginners and hive inspections at meetings!


Kent Show 13th, 14th, 15th July, Detling

Are you interested in stewarding? There is a variety of sessions; badge making, candle rolling, catering, observation hive, sales, catering etc. Help is also needed on the days before and after to set up & dismantle. They also need honey to sell.

Apply to


The Bruderhof community at Beech Grove, Nonington, CT15 4HH is holding one of their special open days where the lovely grounds are open to visitors and the day is rounded off with a dinner to which all are welcome. It is on Sunday, 24th of June. It will start 3pm.