Wednesday 22 August 2012

Newsletter August 2012

Dear Beekeeper

The weather has improved, too late for most with any honey harvest. I have left extraction later than usual and plan to see what‘s there this week.
As soon as the supers are cleaned and dried by the bees and stored, it is time for varroa treatment to reduce the mites before winter.  The most common form of treatment at this time of year is Apiguard. This needs to be in the colony for a minimum of 4 weeks and is most effective when the outside temperature is above 15C.
Colonies are vulnerable to wasps in August, reduce the entrances if they are seen hanging around. Make wasp traps from a tsp of jam and some water – NOT honey - mixed in a jar with wasp sized holes punched in the lid.  Hang in a nearby tree or place near hives. They will happily drown themselves. Bees will rob other colonies in August, reduce entrances, don’t leave frames around.
A feed of sugar syrup after the honey has been removed will stimulate the queen into continuing her egg laying, otherwise, she will reduce this activity. The winter bees have to be fat to live for 6 months.

EFB  has been diagnosed at Hawkinge and Stelling Minnis!
Please   make sure you know how to recognize it in brood, see BBKA News June 2012. Be very vigilant and thorough with hygiene and movement between colonies.  

DDBKA has received a generous donation of £100 from Roy & Pam Pearson. They have run stalls at functions for Dover District Council, sharing information about honeybees with the public. They asked for the fees to be paid to our Association for which we are very grateful! 

DDBKA Honey Show
October 20th 2012 at Beech Grove, Nonington CT15 4HH
Please pick up your Show schedule at the August meeting. Chris will have a list to tick off, otherwise the postage costs a fortune!
Patrick and Marge have offered to steward,  anyone else?
See you there, hope for a sunny afternoon

To borrow
Don’t forget DDBKA has 2 honey extractors and 2 solar wax extractors to loan.

Charlie Oxley, a long standing member of DDBKA, sadly died on July 21st.

Bee Drifting project
The results of the experiment carried out by Patrick and his team of volunteers are available on our website, on the Documents to Download tab.

Good News  Mannetta & Clive, the owners of our apiary site are to be married on September 8th.                       We wish them every happiness!

Detail for this month's meeting HERE