Wednesday 21 March 2012

Newsletter March 2012

Dear Beekeeper

This may be your last newsletter if I have not heard from you by the end of the month. Currently we have 70 Registered members.

Things are slowly warming up, several false starts have seen bees flying freely, but cold winds and fogs soon drive them back in.
Don’t be tempted to open colonies unless the weather is warm and calm. Remember the queen will be laying and the winter bees are dying off, a lot of energy is needed to feed larvae and collect pollen and nectar. Your bees can still starve and may need light syrup [1lb white sugar to 1 pint water]. This is not for storing, but as instantly available food.

 Last month’s meeting with John Chapman talking about mead has hopefully inspired some to try mead making.
He was also keen for beekeepers to become involved in Kent BKA work in organising and stewarding the Kent Show [July ].

As you should know, Roy Dyche is an enthusiastic practical supporter of the charity Bees Abroad, he’s off again soon, and would like your help. Check HERE  to see how you can help. 

Do you wish to loan a beehive for this year from DDBKA? This offer is available for beginner members to cut down starting expenses.
Do you wish to be part of our mentoring scheme, either as mentor or mentee? This involves providing support for a beginner, and hopefully a nucleus of bees at cost [£40 last year] to get them started. Speak up if either of the last 2 points fit you!