Sunday 23 September 2018

Newsletter September 2018

Dear Beekeeper

The main news this month is the finding of an Asian hornet in Fowey, Cornwall. Also now in Liskeard, Cornwall, & in Hull!
Keep vigilant, look at your hive entrances. Now the hornets are settling in lower plants, hedges & bushes. Take a photo if possible of a suspicious sighting, send to:
Queen hornets are looking for sites at this time.
If you have wasp traps, check carefully for Asian hornets. Reduce hive entrances

Wednesday evening sessions at Eythorne apiary CT15 4AD
These sessions are now over for the year as evenings are chillier & darker.

Winter beekeeping courses
There is no need to stop thinking about bees during the winter!
In the Spring Rob Philpott is running a six week Beginners’ Course. If you are very new to the craft or have got bees but have never been on a course, this is the course for you. 
Now is also the time for those of you who have keep bees for two seasons with the winter in between to think about doing the Basic Beekeeping Exam. The course is run by Mary Hill. It is a practical and verbal exam., no written work at all. You will learn some things you have not bothered about before and add to those you already know. It is essential if you hope to sit BBKA Modules later.

This month’s meeting

Saturday 29th September at Eythorne apiary, CT15 4AD
An auction & sale is planned as the bees will not welcome being disturbed! We have a good deal of redundant equipment after the death of David Clark. There are National boxes, roofs & floors, new frames, nuc boxes, feeders, smokers & equipment to sell.
His family has asked that proceeds go to the bee charities.
There will be a set price on new equipment and an auction for the used. All the wooden equipment has been scorched but some could do with some TLC. If members wanted to bring along any surplus equipment they want to off load, then it will be welcome.


· Mary will check with beginners that their bees are ready for winter.

· Varroa treatments will be available to purchase at the meeting, pre order from Philip by email.

· Return your Library books & choose another!

· Tea [£1] and raffle as usual. Bring your own mugs!!!! 

Hope to see you there.
Best wishes.

Newsletter August 2018

Dear Beekeeper

We were really grateful to Mick Delieu for hosting the July meeting at the rifle ranges at Hythe. 
Most of us would never have been allowed to set foot there before. An expanse of rough ground up a slope next to the open sea, a great site for bees with lots of useful buildings. A windy exposed spot, but the sun shone.
Thanks also to Charles Barnick who has donated to our Association a 2-frame tangential Langstroth honey extractor, handy for those who have Langstroth hives, but not a great deal to extract.

The honey yields this summer seem to be generally exceptional; Karl in Church Hougham extracted 400lb in 3 days last week! Karl also reports that he has experienced the jelly-like consistency of some of his honey as reported by Dick from Eythorne, difficult to extract!

Our club honey extractors have been heavily used, as it should be. We also have 2 tabletop 4 frame tangential extractors & one 9 frame radial one.
Contact Eric to borrow a DDBKA honey extractor (members only).

The one snag seems to be a very large wasp population this year, hanging around hives & kitchens as their nests are deserted. If you have wasp traps, check carefully for Asian hornets. Reduce hive entrances.

Best wishes.