Thursday, 17 March 2022

Newsletter, March 2022

 Dear beekeeper,

The terrible tempests seem to be over, caused ructions in apiaries; your hives were probably all tied down with weights on top, but the quantity of fallen branches & trees was damaging & disturbing. Jackie was without electricity for a week. I have definitely lost 2 colonies, but some have lost all, hard to bear if you had just the one colony. But it has not been bitterly cold and pollen is now going in, a sure sign of larvae. 

I was offered some German fondant with pollen to try & my bees certainly lapped it up. 

We have 9 new members this year, haven’t met them all yet as folk are still understandably cautious about public spaces. 13 members have definitely lapsed, but still there are several people who are hard to reach. 

Thanks to all those who replied to Debbie’s plea for library books to be returned.

One of our new members is looking to buy a couple of over-wintered nucs to get them started this spring. Please let me know if you are able to help them out.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Newsletter, February 2022

 Dear All,

At last we shall be able to meet face-to face at a bee meeting, feels quite momentous.

If you have any health anxieties about attending, then remain at home, do not feel pressured to come.

It may be your first venture to a place with people in, we shall take a register & space the seating as well as possible in the room.

I am looking forward to putting faces to names on my endless lists!

Here is the newsletter, also the 2022 schedule [flexible], a hive record sheet to print off for however many colonies you may have, and a list of items for sale from Alan Snook, sadly leaving us after a bad reaction to a sting.

Hoping to see you on the 26th, consider car sharing if possible.



Monday, 17 January 2022

Newsletter, January 2022

 Dear All,

First letter of a new year and not a great start; I'm afraid the January meeting is cancelled.

Read more in the newsletter.

But we have news of a Zoom talk on the 19th & vital information regarding jar purchases.

I have also attached the SE region inspection report, interesting reading re disease outbreaks by comparing areas.

Dick our Exam Secretary would like to remind all who wish to do BBKA modules of the procedure:

People wanting to enter should contact me in the first place.

SE Region Inspection Report

Newsletter Highlights:

  • January meeting cancelled
  • Queen marking - yellow
  • Winter update
  • Jars - change of site
  • Introduction to Beekeeping course
  • Zoom meeting link