Friday 19 June 2015

Newsletter June 2015

Dear Beekeeper

Swarms are plentiful this year compared to 2014, bees are swarming from nucs and new queens are sometimes off soon after being made by the colony. Conversely, some are taking an age to be mated! Honey seems to be coming in continuously, maybe from bean fields; any granulated honey left from the rape crop can be blended in with it by gentle warming. Keep up the weekly inspections; all but 1 of the apiary hives has artificially swarmed or been split, but 1 did swarm.

Colonies are generally larger & livelier than last year, needing more space & supers.

You can advise people with swarms to go to the BBKA website where they can enter the postcode of the swarm & get a list of the nearest collectors.

Please tell me if you are looking for bees or swarms.


Paula Gardner, John Feasey, Carol-Ann Lechev, Debbie Philpott, Andrew Walter all passed,
Alison Murphy – passed with credit
Congratulations to them all & to Mary who taught them & maintains her 100% pass rate!

Did you leave a pair of glasses behind at the May meeting? We have them!


Do you enjoy baking cakes, biscuits, sweets etc with honey in the recipe?

Our show has featured the same recipes for some time & would welcome any new, easy to follow [& preferably delicious] recipes for the October show. There must be many variations which you & your family could recommend, Mavis might trial some if we ask her nicely! Bring a favourite along on the 27th please.


In February we held a Bee Improvement For All day with Roger Patterson.

He will be back in July, 16th &17th to work at the Eythorne apiary with 6-8 people on each date. View details HERE

He has also offered to do a talk on the evening of the 16th July for the Association in general. This will take place in a local Village Hall, to be arranged.

KRSC Courses
Places left for bee handling at Coxheath & the Bee Barn, Bridge. 4th July, 25th July. Look on the bookings page: 

The 2015 Kent Bees & Honey Show takes place at Detling on 10th July [Friday] as part of the Kent Agricultural Show weekend. They require entries to be submitted on the Thursday to avoid traffic chaos. The schedule is attached to this newsletter.

I hope you noticed that with your June BBKA News magazine your 2015/16 BBKA membership card was enclosed.
Every year someone throws it away without looking!


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