Thursday 1 September 2022

Newsletter, September 2022

 Newsletter September 2022

Dear beekeeper,      

Thanks to those who managed to get to the Leas in Kingsdown last month to a fabulous site; on the cliffs, the Channel & France in front & a Spitfire circling overhead. Thanks to Mr Peter Finch for his hospitality & to Terry & Tony for demonstrating how they will apply oxalic acid when the time comes in December, working as a team, very careful of the chemicals.

I am due to count the varroa mite drop from my hives after their first Apiguard dose, they have not had this particular treatment for a few years, always a good idea to vary treatments. I am also feeding as well, some purchased fondant, followed by home-made candy.

Candy recipe.  Can be multiplied if more needed

I kg white sugar, 200ml water 1 teasp glycerine [on baking shelves in shops]

Boil for 3 mins, stir & cool over cold water. As it starts to become opaque, pour quickly into take-away containers, fills 3. Put lids on when cold. Remove lids when ready to feed.                                                    Invert over feed hole in crownboard.

Ivy seems quite late to flower in my area, bees love its pollen & nectar, but the resulting honey, though delicious, sets quite hard in the combs, may be a removal problem for the spring unless the bees consume it all!                                            A cautionary tale for you from the US

An Ohio man who was stung at least 20,000 times by bees – and even ingested some of the insects – during a mishap while cutting tree branches is expected to recover, according to his family.

Austin Bellamy, 20, climbed high into a lemon tree in Ripley, Ohio, last Friday to help trim it when he mistakenly cut into a bees’ nest, his mother said “When he started cutting, the bees came out, and he tried to anchor himself down, and he couldn’t … He was hollering, ‘Help! Help me!’ Bellamy was unable to get down from the tree because he was harnessed. Watchers were unable to climb the ladder since they were also under attack by the bees.

Paramedics and the Ripley fire department responded to the scene and cut Bellamy out of the tree. “He was just covered in bees. It looked like he had a black blanket on his head down to his neck, down to his arms.”

The fire department told his mother that the bees were a hybrid of the western honeybee and east African lowland honeybee that is considered much more defensive than other bee varieties.

Emergency responders transported Bellamy to the University of Cincinnati medical centre by helicopter where doctors discovered that he had also ingested about 30 bees.

“They left stingers like an inch long” his mother also told TV, adding that he suffered kidney failure from the attack. On Wednesday evening, Bellamy woke up from a medically induced coma and is expected to make a full recovery, but still in the hospital with breathing problems. His oxygen keeps dropping but much of the swelling has gone down.

Take care in the garden!    Please…..

HONEY JARS                                                                                                                           

Now at Unit 12, AB Crush panel beaters, opposite the Shepherdswell turning on the A2 to Five Oaks, Geddinge         CT4 6RY.        The procedure remains the same, order to me, payment to Philip, collection on a Friday from 11 to 12, it is a really busy site with vehicles, deliveries etc.

PRICES: 1lb jars, including lids, in boxes of 72 £23.50    12oz jars & lids remain at £29 for 72                                                                                                                      8oz round jars & lids are £34.50 for 128                                                                                                         8oz hexagonal jars & lids are £34.50 for 108.                                                                                             Spare lids available for all sizes.


Upcoming Events

Sat September 24th DDBKA Meeting at Eythorne apiary CT15 4AD 2:30

Sat September 24th Dover Urban Fete, Pencester Gardens 10 - 4:30

Wed September 28th East Kent Ploughing Match, Stoneheap Farm, Little Mongeham      CT14 0HS. The bee Associations of Dover, Thanet & Canterbury share a pitch to inform local people about bees & sell honeys & bee-related products. Bring your correctly labelled honey to be sold. A wonderful day out!

Sat October 22nd DDBKA Honey Show, Shepherdswell Village Hall. Schedule included with this letter.

27 -29th October National Honey Show, Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey. KT10 9AJ

I have a clash on September 24th, but have always supported the Dover Urban Fair.

HEARING AIDS     An interesting chat at the jar depot, I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. A beekeeper was being troubled by persistently defensive bees, yet when he turned his hearing aids off & removed them, the bees reverted to their peaceful former selves. Apparently, the devices give off a detectable sound, aggravating to bees.                                                                   We don’t really need to hear them on inspection, seeing is usually quite sufficient.

This month’s meeting


Saturday 24th September at the DDBKA Eythorne apiary at 2:30 pm, at Eythorne Court   CT15 4AD. It is along Shepherdswell Road, near Eythorne, travelling towards Shepherdswell, on the left, near a black wooden building. We park in the next field; you will see cars and a gate to enter. If you are a new member or visitor, please make yourself known, we get busy!

Bear in mind that the site includes an apiary & we urge you to take care in the vicinity of bees, bring your beesuit & wellies if you have them, make sure you have informed us of allergies & sting reactions if you are aware of them.

Jackie’s training theme will be getting bees ready for winter, how to unite weak colonies plus reminders about woodpecker protection, mouse guards and wasps & what to do during winter, maybe another mention of the oxalic acid treatment.

Q & A session also; 2 or 3 hives may be opened, particularly for beginners to have a taste of inspection routines & to compare progress.

Tea [£1] and raffle as usual.  Bring your own mugs!!!!

  • Remember to change your Library books
  • Sorry to miss you this month,


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