Sunday 21 October 2012

Honey Show

A fabulous turn-out for our annual Honey Show at our new venue, the hall at the Bruderhof Community. There was plenty of room for all the great entries despite the 'challenging' season and the usual, irresistibly scrumptious catering by our hosts. Naughty me did not bring the big camera, so some of the pictures are a bit wobbly. Apologies for that and if you took any nice ones at the show, email me  and I'll add them.

Some of the many, fantastic entries!

David at his award winning and very impressive wax extractor. I want one!

Our tireless secretaries!
Keeping the masses fed and watered.

Elvin demonstrating Warre and Top Bar Hives.

Awarding certificates to our successful basic exam students.

 Then came the awards:
 Michael Fountain picking up his Greasley Award.

 Sue Clapson holding the Harry's Cup for the best wax entry and her Victory Cup for receiving the maximum points overall. Very well done!!!
 David Stevenson and his many awards: The Dale Award for best entry in a member's category, the Challenge Cup for the best entries submitted to the honey as well as articles related to bee keeping categories and the Blue Ribbon for the best entry to the show. Many congratulations!!!


  1. Is honey show something like pumpkin or watermelon show where they are judged on the basis of their size, quantity and taste? Because I have never heard of such thing before.

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